violet_rare (violet_rare) wrote,


Sooo i dont just collect pokemon... as my few friends know...

I also collect YOSHIS!! among other things..

So, here is a list!!

-Lego Yoshi!! from those little random figure packs!!
-'Ready to race Wii die cast' Yoshi MIB
-Wii '2-in-1' Action Yoshi cart MIB
-Keychain Collection Yoshi MIB
-Mariocart7 Yoshi Die-cast Vehicle MIB
-Large figure collection Yoshi MIB
-Mariocart Wii set of 5 carts including Yoshi!! MIB
-Yoshi Mug EBgames loot MIB
-Yoshi lipbalm MIB (I also have one that i use and it tastes like tinglers)
-Super Mario sitting Pink Yoshi EB games loot MWT
-4x Standing green yoshies 2012 release MWT (Not sure why i have so many, gifts from people!! although one of which came with the whole set including mario, luigi, Cooper and Toad all MWT in the display box)
-2x Super Mario Yoshi plush back pack from EBgames MWT
-Blue UFO Yoshi from Tokyo underground
-Suction Cup running yoshi from claw machine 2007
-2006 Jumbo UFO Yoshi banpresto (Green, Bought from retro,wa)
-Mario party Mario out of claw machine
-2006 jumbo UFO 1-up Mushroom!! Banpresto!! (Bought from Retro, WA)
-Small 1-up mushroom suction cup from claw machine
-Mariocart 7 tote bag(large)
-Yoshi beach bag eb games
-Yoshi back pack eb games
-Yoshi beanie eb games
-Yoshi wallet silver/green
-Yoshi wallet leathery kind of thing white and green
-Yoshi key ring eb games
-Yoshi being ridden my mario Nintendo mag release


Welp there we go.... although i dont collect yoshi as obsessivly as i collect pokemon... its still a nice little ever growing collection :D

Feel free to let me know if you have anything not on the list up for sale!!
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